Store Policy 

Minimum Purchase

The minimum purchase amount is $50.00 per order.


  • Registration is required to view prices and order. Click Register and fill out the form to become a registered customer.
  • Customers must provide a valid resale tax id number when they register. Contact your state's Department of Revenue for instructions.
  • Non-US customers can put "International" for their resale number.
  • Flea market, Home Party, Beauticians and other business customers who purchase for resale, but do not have a resale tax id number, enter "No Number". Customers in the state of New York that do this will be charged sales tax.

Product Images

  • Images are taken with a high quality, digital camera.
  • All pictures are from stock and no touchups are made.
  • The images are reviewed for accuracy before being placed on the website.
  • Every computer has different color settings.
    We are not responsible for the color settings on your system.
  • The text description should be given more weight when considering ordering an item than the shades of color in the image.
  • Slight differences in color hue between the website and the physical item is possible. This is not grounds for returning the item.
  • Major differences in color between the website and the physical item or wrong picture for the item is a mistake.
    Please notify us immediately. Our email address is
Payment Types
This is a list of payments we accept:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal
Payment Terms
  • All orders are prepay.
Credit Cards
The site Night Queen(  uses the gateway payment company called “Stripe”. is a very secure company and accepts most major credit cards. The site Night Queen( has set few added security option. For this reason all buyers are required to input the CVV/CCV (Card Verification Value / Card Code Verification). This is a 3 to 4 digit number on all major credit cards. Furthermore, an order will NOT be processed if the billing does NOT match the address on the card.
  • All PayPal orders are address verified. To do this, we send the shipping address you list to PayPal. PayPal will tell us if the address is confirmed.
  • A "confirmed" address is not the same as being a "verified" member of PayPal.
  • It is very important that the shipping address on our website match the address in PayPal exactly.
  • The website will give you a warning if your PayPal does not recognize the address.
  • First time customers paying with PayPal must have an address that is Confirmed by PayPal.
  • This link has instructions about confirming your address:
  • If you submit a payment through PayPal with an unconfirmed address, your payment may be refunded and you will have to arrange alternate payment.

Reward Points System
Every $1 spent earns 1 point, 1 point is equivalent to $0.01. (ex. 500 points is equivalent to $5.00) These points can be redeemed when minimum of 500 points are reached. After clicking the Redeem button, Confirm button will appear. Once you click the Confirm button, you will be given a discount code and that finalizes the redemption. At this time your points will be automatically be deducted, and the discount code will also be emailed to you. Points can be used towards the future purchases and shipping costs. Only 1 discount code can be applied per order. Reward points are not part of the promotion, it can be applied to any order.


Wholesale Only a wholesale company and require all customers to provide a valid resale tax ID. For the tax ID number information, Please contact IRS for state requirement (except international customers)
* Minimum to purchase for U.S. Domestic order's $50.00
* Minimum to purchase for International & US Territory order's $50.00
Returning Items
For items that are damaged upon arrival, have manufacturing defect, or shipped out in error, please send them back to us for full credit onto your store credit and we will reimburse up to $3 shipping fee. (we recommend to ship via USPS First Class Mail)
All other returns will be subjected up to 30% restocking fee without shipping fee reimbursement. All returns should be within 10 days of package receipt date. see more detail in Returns.
Payment accept Credit Cards(VISA, MASTER, AMEX) and PayPal payments.
When you pay with credit cards, please make sure if you entering correct billing information, our fraud detect system declines if your entering billing information is not match with the billing inforamtion saved on VISA, MASTER, AMEX merchant database.